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Consulting and design for Hospital Salvador and the National Institute of Geriatrics, Chile

Chile | El Salvador

Planning, design, engineering and construction management support services for Hospital Salvador and Instituto Nacional de Geriatría, Chile

IDOM’s consulting team has provided support for the development and design of the Salvador Hospital and the National Institute of Geriatrics of Chile. The Salvador Hospital and National Institute of Geriatrics is a hospital complex with a total built area of 162,811 m2, providing services to more than 500,000 patients.

The surface area of the new multi-specialty Hospital del Salvador is distributed around the 94,437 m2 hospital with a total capacity of 360 beds and 50,000 m2 of underground parking.

The National Institute of Geriatrics, in turn, with a capacity of 112 beds, exclusively serves patients over 60 who require specialized gerontological care.

The services offered by IDOM for the development of this hospital infrastructure include:

  • Design, planning and development of architectural projects (including functional design and spatial planning).
  • Energy efficiency study and structural calculation of infrastructures.
  • Design of the facilities of each specialty
  • Environmental impact study of the project
  • Design of the urban planning project and study of the impact on the urban transport system.
  • Obtaining of licenses and building permits and preparation of contract documents for construction, operation and maintenance services.

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