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University of Navarra Clinic


The new Clinic is organized around four major areas of medical specialization: maternal, child and women’s area, Oncology and Diagnosis, Cardiovascular and Specialization (checkups, high resolution consultations and preventive procedures). It is a highly compact building, with a central atrium that facilitates distribution and allows the adaptation of the needs of each moment.

Special attention is given to light, acoustic, space, energy and functional issues

Special attention has been given to light, acoustic, spatial, climatic, energy and functional issues. It will be equipped with seven operating rooms, eight ICU boxes, state-of-the-art clinical equipment and 60 beds for hospital admission, with capacity for future expansion up to 45,000 m2 and 180 beds.

Healthcare Facilities

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Clínica Universidad de Navarra

- 2019 -
First prize - Mundo Zen Adecco Awards. Category: Most creative and innovative space

Basic Design
Construction Project
Preliminary Design

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