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Cooperation models between Japan and the EU to boost connectivity

Europe | Japan

In 2019, the European Union, its Member States and Japan signed the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement, a comprehensive agreement in which these territories pledged to cooperate and bring their positions closer together in up to forty thematic areas.

IDOM’s objective in this project is to support the Delegation of the European Union in Tokyo in the start-up and operational implementation of this agreement, through various actions:

  • Organization of studies and technical seminars.
  • Developing communication and public diplomacy activities to promote regional and international cooperation.
  • Elaboration of identification and comparative mapping of public policies, involving hundreds of interested organizations from both the European Union and Japan (public institutions, business sector, academic sector, society and media).

The objective of IDOM’s work is to improve knowledge of the Agreement and to disseminate its contents. In this context, we work in sectors such as connectivity (infrastructure, energy, digital and social in regions such as the Indo-Pacific, the Balkans, Central Asia or Eastern Europe), climate change and green recovery, development cooperation in Africa, digitization, gender equality or security and defense.

Regional Innovation Ecosystems

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