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Sectorial dialogues between the European Union and Mexico


The project aims to facilitate and support exchanges between relevant entities and institutions involved in sectoral dialogues. A significant part of the work is centered on involving regional and local governments, the scientific and academic community, as well as companies and unions. To do this, the main activities of the project focus on:

The European Union and Mexico want to reinforce a strategic partnership

  1. Preparation of relevant thematic studies for the dialogues.
  2. Organization of conferences, seminars, meetings, missions, technical visits and other institutional exchange measures with relevant European and Mexican partners.
  3. Development of a mechanism for monitoring, data management and communication.

Competitiveness & Innovation : Programme management 

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Delegation of the European Union in Mexico

Analysis of the Priority Sectors (bilateral relationship)
Communication and Visibility Strategy of the Activity of the European Union in Mexico
Identification of Areas of Cooperation not yet developed
Mapping of Key Actors in Mexico and the EU
Organization of Trade Missions and Knowledge Exchange
Thematic Studies in Priority Areas

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