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Creative Cordoba 2030 Strategy


With four inscriptions on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the city of Cordoba represents an important cultural and heritage focus. The Municipal Institute for Economic Development and Employment (IMDEEC) is interested in analyzing the economic and business potential of culture and creativity in the city. To this end, a long-term collaborative strategy has been defined for the cultural and creative industries sector as a source of economic wealth and job creation. The design and implementation of this strategy takes into account the participation of the city’s key stakeholders.

The objective of the IDOM experts is to support IMDEEC in:

  • A diagnostic analysis of the cultural and creative sector, including trends in cultural consumption habits.
  • The construction of a SWOT matrix
  • The definition of a shared vision with strategic objectives
  • An action plan
  • A governance and monitoring system, through the participation of stakeholders in interviews and co-creation workshops.

The services offered also include the development of a model of the Cultural and Creative Industries of and for Cordoba, taking into account international models (UNESCO, European Union, WIPO, IDB, NESTA, DCMS, etc.), but also the characteristics of the territory itself in a geo-referenced map of agents (companies, institutions, academic organizations, etc.).

In addition, the previous analysis is oriented towards sectoral specialization, prioritizing areas with particular potential, such as heritage (tangible and intangible), music (including flamenco), performing arts, visual arts, equestrian arts, floral arts, publishing, haute cuisine, fashion, audiovisual content, crafts, jewelry and contemporary design.

In this way, IDOM seeks to contribute to the creation of a creative urban space, the result of a permanent collaboration between companies, institutions and cultural and creative agents.  Designing a city where contemporary culture and innovation in business forms are promoted, capable of opening up to the world to become an international reference in the use of heritage, cultural and creative wealth to generate employment and social cohesion.

Competitiveness & Innovation : Creative, cultural & audiovisual industries

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Municipal Institute of Economic Development and Employment - Cordoba City Council