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Digitalization of the BBK cultural auditorium


Providing support to BBK Fundazioa in digitalization and robotization

IDOM’s main objective in this project is to support BBK Fundazioa in the digitalization and robotization of both the hall and the auditorium of BBK. This support will be provided through the development of a project report that includes a comprehensive vision and takes into account the modernization and sustainable management of the BBK Aretoa. This project must take into account, among other things, the scenography, lighting, systems, communications, computer equipment, cybersecurity infrastructures, contractors and workplaces. This will allow for an adaptation to the different technological solutions: ticketing, channels, mobility applications, streaming, accessibility to cultural content, etc., without forgetting the business and quality model.

The result of the project is that the different activities to be developed in BBK Aretoa will be carried out under the supervision of a monitoring and control mechanism in the form of technical assistance, complemented by a defined business model.

IDOM, with a more strategic approach to the development of this new business model, defines a strategy for the perimeter of the digitalization of BBK Aretoa. In doing so, it seeks to highlight the social innovation for BBK Fundazioa and contextualize it with different projects developed by it (Climate, Kuna). The IDOM also considers the implications in terms of business (new cultural offer, new positioning, new potential clients…) and its link with ICT systems (communication, audiovisual, systems).