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Design and Implementation of the Port Community System (PCS) for the Port of Fujairah.

United Arab Emirates

The Port of Fujairah, strategically located just 70 nautical miles from the Strait of Hormuz, plays a vital role in world maritime trade and meets the demands of the global shipping industry. In order to enhance its reputation as a safe and highly efficient port, anticipate the changing needs of the industry and stay ahead of market developments, the Port of Fujairah has decided to implement a Port Community System.

IDOM carried out a detailed analysis of their situation, which culminated in the design of the new PCS for the Port of Fujairah, fully customized, adapted to their needs and strategy as a port. Once the PCS design was finalized, IDOM provided the Port of Fujairah with technical support during the implementation of the PCS to ensure its success and to accompany the Port of Fujairah throughout the process.

The tasks developed by IDOM during the PCS design phase included the following

  • Assessment report with a detailed analysis of the situation prior to the implementation of the PCS.
  • Creation of technical and functional requirements for the PCS.
  • Development of RFT documentation and evaluation of PCS vendors.
  • Definition of the PCS implementation plan and project roadmap.

Subsequently, the following tasks were developed during the PM Office

  • Supervision of the implementation of the technological platform.
  • Supervision of the implementation and development of Value Added Services.
  • Supervision of the launch of the Operation Service.
  • Quality assurance of the products and services defined in the Fujairah PCS Project Program.
  • Transition support and change management.

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Port of Fujairah