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A solution for the management of sea and air freight in the customs control processes of the entry and exit of goods


SUNAT, in its Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2024, has included among its strategic objectives the “Improvement of Tax and Customs Compliance” and the “Improvement of Control Capacities” in order to facilitate foreign trade and strengthen customs control, as well as the implementation and enforcement of the legal and regulatory provisions that govern the customs legal system.

To this end, IDOM was commissioned to carry out a study to optimize the management of maritime and air cargo in the control processes of the entry and exit of goods at the Maritime Customs Office of Callao, the Air and Postal Customs Office and the PAITA Customs Office, taking into account the use of information technologies to guarantee the traceability and security of goods during their entry, stay, mobilization, exit and transfer.

The following tasks were carried out for the development of the project

  • Identification of the current status and existing gaps in the control processes by maritime and air routes.
  • Development of a proposal for the optimization of sea and air cargo management through the use of information technology.
  • Roadmap for the acquisition of technologies (OCR/LPR cameras, RFID technology…) to ensure the optimization of maritime and air cargo management.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for the acquisition of technological infrastructure.
  • Benchmarking of manufacturers and/or suppliers that guarantee the requirements of the EETT.
  • Software proposal for the implementation of the technological solution in the port terminals.
  • Cost-benefit analysis between the acquisition of technological infrastructure and the outsourcing of services.

Smart Ports : Strategy & Operations

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