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New facilities of the Radiopharmacy Laboratory of La Almunia


IDOM carried out the engineering and construction works management of the new facilities for the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals intend to be used as an injectable in positron emission tomography. The building, which is located in La Almunia (Aragón) is equipped with a radiological alarm composed by ambient and ventilation duct sensors and a ventilation system designed according to the requirements imposed by the Spanish Medicine Agency and the corresponding standard UNE-EN_ISO 14644. The building was validated by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council and the Spanish Medicine Agency prior to commissioning and product commercialization.

The laboratory can be basically divided in four different areas: administration, production, radiation and machinery. The administration area extends 120 m² and is cladded with a metallic facade with a gable roof composed of a sandwich structure. The production area corresponds to the area where the radiopharmaceuticals are manipulated to obtain the final product. It consists of three “hot” laboratories equipped with synthesis cells supplied by COMECER. Moreover, there is a quarantine store, raw material store, quality laboratory, offices, expedition area and changing rooms. The structure is metallic with a polymeric slab roof on which the machinery room is situated.

The radiation zone is the area where the cyclotron and its control boards are located along with the decay room where all the solid and liquid radioactive waste is stored until their inertization. The structure of this area is constructed of reinforced concrete, featuring 2 m thick walls in some specific areas.

Finally the engine room, located on the roof of the building, includes air treatment units, filters, fans, radioprotection sounding lines, boiler and coolers. Due to the specific features of this type of facilities, the significance of the installation is enormous.

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Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA)

Construction Management
Detailed Engineering

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