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Nuclear science and technology have multiple applications, other than electricity generation, that are fundamental to our daily life.

At the same time, we combine our deep know-how and extensive experience to support our Clients to successfully develop the most cutting-edge nuclear technology projects worldwide, IDOM also contributes through our projects, to the use of nuclear science and technology in applications intimately linked to Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations such as medicine, agriculture, industry, defence, research and mining.

IDOM participates in the entire life cycle of any nuclear or radioactive facility that uses nuclear science and technology in any application, from the technical and economic feasibility study to the design, engineering and construction management of the facility. The range of activities in which IDOM has been involved has been very broad, covering from radiopharmaceutical production facilities, nuclear health centres and proton therapy centres to nuclear research reactors, particles acceleration facilities, explosive detection systems and materials testing facilities, among others.

Finland, France
UGXR Test benches for Jules Horowitz Reactor

Experimental fission reactor facilities are essential for the development of nuclear technology for peaceful uses. New formulations and configurations of nuclear fuels are...