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Operation License Application for a Proton Theraphy Centre


The group Quironsalud hired IDOM to provide the full design, construction management and licensing assistance for a new Oncology Proton therapy centre, and the study and architectural project was carried out in collaboration with Enero Arquitectos, although the design and detail of the structures and facilities and all radiation protection studies and licensing were developed by IDOM.

This kind of facility has been the first one implemented in Spain,

IDOM has conducted the Technical Reports needed to obtain Operation License for a Radioactive Facility, granted by the Nuclear Regulatory Body. The following main activities are included in the project:

  • Facility description report.
  • Safety analysis report.
  • Verification process of the facility.
  • Operation procedures.
  • On site emergency plan.
  • Decommissioning.

For the preparation of the license documentation, IDOM had to review all radiological calculations performed by the supplier of the cyclotron  (230MeV). An installation of this power requires considering both the radiological protection of the primary beam and the activation of the elements by secondary neutrons and gamma radiation.

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Preparation of the emergency plan required by the operating licence
Project Management
Quality control
Radiological protection calculations
Radiological risk analysis
Separate HVAC circuits and activated fluids for environmental protection
Technical Assistance
Technical assistance for obtaining an operating licence