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Puente Nuevo Thermal Power Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant – 323 MW


In 2005, the Italian company ENEL built a Flue Gas Desulphurization plant in Puente Nuevo Power Plant within a larger Project that included the life extension of the complete plant.

The new installations are composed of :

  • Limestone Mills Building. Necessary to obtain the appropriate granulometry for the process
  • Desox Process Auxiliary Building. Including five pumps for the slurry movement and all the equipment necessary for the gypsum extraction.
  •  Storage Building. Including all the conveyor belts for the gypsum/limestone transport.

Additionally, many actuations were developed to extend the life of the essential equipments of the plant: boiler and steam turbine revamping process, new electrostatic Precipitator, generator, etc.

In this project IDOM performed detail engineering activities together with permitting and construction management.

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Detailed Engineering
Permit Management
Project Management

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