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Dubal Combined Cycle Power Plant – 640 MW

United Arab Emirates

The combined cycle power plant in Dubal, with a capacity of 640 MW, is integrated into the aluminum smelting plant owned by EGA (Emirates Global Aluminum) in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

The plant has a 1x1x1 multi-axis configuration, and its technology is based on the Siemens SGT5-8000H natural gas turbine and its generator, a bypass chimney, a recovery boiler, and a seawater condensing steam turbine (once through).

In addition to the main equipment mentioned, the project includes all complementary auxiliary services and their integration with the existing aluminum plant, substation and seawater supply, and the sea and electrical water supplies to the new reverse osmosis desalination plant to be built in the same facilities of EGA.

IDOM is carrying out the basic and detailed engineering of the project, including technical advice during construction.


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Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering
Technical Assistance during the Works

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