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DyNaLab Test Laboratory


IDOM has provided the Fraunhofer Institute IWES with the first complete test stand for multi-megawatt wind turbines, known as the Dynamic Nacelle Laboratory (DyNaLab). Since its inauguration in October 2015, DyNaLab is one of the most technologically advanced testing facilities in the world.

The Fraunhofer Institute IWES entrusted IDOM to carry out the design, and turnkey supply of the test stand, as well as the architectural, engineering and construction management works of the building to house the test laboratory. Design, manufacture, assembly, integration and implementation of the test stand was carried out in parallel to the construction of the facility under a fast-track scheme.

The innovative design developed by IDOM for DyNaLab consists of a rotary drive of up to 10 MW, and incorporates an innovative load application system and grid simulator, as well as an HIL simulator (Hardware-in-the-loop). The result is a facility that stands out for its high dynamic performance – permitting fluctuations and variations of torque to be simulated in an agile and very quick manner – and capacity for simulation of robust networks.

Test Systems

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