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Emergency Control Room-Remote Shutdown at Krško Nuclear Power Plant


Based on Slovenian nuclear regulations related to the life extension of NPPs and also as a consequence of the accident in Fukushima (Japan), the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Agency (SNSA) issued a request to NEK to reassess the existing safety measures used for Severe Accident Management strategy. The project involves the Detailed Engineering, Design, Procurement and Delivery of the major components and technical site support during the installation and commissioning of the Emergency Control Room – Remote Shutdown. IDOM is in consortium with Tecnatom in this project under EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) type of contract.

As part of the approved modernization of safety measures and due to the life extension of 20 years by the SNSA is the installation of the Emergency Control Room in a new bunker building at the Krško NPP. The Emergency Control Room allows the operators to achieve and maintain safe shutdown of the NPP in the event of an evacuation of the Main Control Room.

The project execution as well as design documentation is structured in three implementation phases with the aim of the development of major equipment specifications and design modification packages as well as major equipment purchase orders and deliveries on NEK site. The major equipment involved in the project is field instrumentation, transfer panels, I&C cabinets, nuclear instrumentation system, main emergency control board, and a replica of all the panels in the simulator. The design will be carried out under the strict nuclear safety and radiation protection regulations.

This project forms part of the international strategy of IDOM, and due to being the first of its kind in Europe the project creates the possibility of transferring obtained experience to other European and worldwide PWR reactors. As a result of this project IDOM established its presence in Slovenia by opening an office in Ljubljana.

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