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EmprendamosGuate Program


The Ministry of Economy of Guatemala (MINECO) and the National Competitiveness Program of Guatemala (PRONACOM) have created the EmprendamosGuate Program, which aims to increase the success rate of enterprises throughout the country, facilitating their growth and consolidation. Over a period of 14 months, more than 60 consultants have been trained and certified, and now provide training and support to 1,500 entrepreneurs in over 25 training centers located in 10 regional nodes. Finally, 150 high-impact enterprises were identified, which were given different investment, financing, technical assistance and market access entities during a business conference, with the purpose of accelerating their growth.

Government support to grow and reinforce the business ecosystem

In the knowledge economy, entrepreneurship is one of the main economic and social growth factors of countries. Its impulse requires creating social, educational, business and financial conditions for entrepreneurs to emerge. That is, create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is precisely what Guatemala is looking for with the EmprendamosGuate Program, which IDOM is implementing. With an eye on the year 2030, Guatemala wants to be a reference country in the region in the creation of startups, companies or start-ups with a technological base and high knowledge specialization, that stimulate innovation and creativity and contribute to generate qualified employment, new opportunities for people and that, without a doubt, give answers to the needs of society. IDOM advises, facilitates and conducts the process of building the entrepreneurial ecosystem, necessary for entrepreneurial, curious and creative activity to emerge and take root. A challenge, which requires great coordination between public and private agents, and for which Guatemala starts with an advantage because it is a country with great potential for entrepreneurship with a great entrepreneurial attitude. The Ministry of Economy of Guatemala (MINECO), through the National Competitiveness Program of Guatemala (PRONACOM), has taken up this challenge and made a clear commitment to transform the economy of Guatemala into a knowledge-based economy. With the support of IDOM, more than 60 consultants have been trained and certified, which in turn will provide training and support to 1,500  entrepreneurs located throughout a network of 25 training and innovation centers throughout the country.

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Guatemala, working towards the knowledge economy

National Competitiveness Program in Guatemala - PRONACOM

Design and Implementation of e-learning Platform
Financing and Technical Assistance
Identification of 150 High-Impact Enterprises
Training and Certification - 60 Accompanying Consultants
Training and Support of 1500 Ventures in 10 Regional Nodes Nationwide

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