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Bilbao AS Fabrik


Bilbao AS Fabrik (Advanced Services Fabrik) represents the public-private commitment to increase business competitiveness through the creation of an innovative and reference ecosystem in the field of advanced services for Industry 4.0 and the digital economy.

The initiative is integrated into the urban project of Zorrotzaurre and contributes decisively to the consolidation of a space dedicated to incentivizing talent and promoting investments in the digital economy, contributing to socio-economic development with the generation of wealth and quality employment.

A space dedicated to encouraging talent and promoting investments in the digital economy

Bilbao AS Fabrik aims to increase the competitiveness of companies from Bilbao in the knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) sector through a collaborative capacity-building process that allows for adequate response to the challenges associated with the digital transformation of the sector industrial (Industry 4.0).

To do this, an old industrial building located on the island of Zorrotzaurre will be set up as a project center of reference, a meeting point for entrepreneurs. The services provided focus on:

  • Training programs aimed at university students, entrepreneurs and professionals, designed to address the challenges of industry 4.0 in the digital economy.
  • Networking actions between the main agents or interest groups in the public and private sphere to coordinate a unique strategy that is effective and effective to meet the current and future needs of the industrial sector.
  • Proposals that stimulate and favor the launch of start-ups based in Bilbao, related to the technology, specialization and intelligence that industry 4.0 requires to position itself internationally.
  • The implementation of an observatory and laboratory of ideas, where trends in the fields of technology, industry 4.0 and digital economy will be analyzed, to identify the challenges faced by local businesses and propose innovative solutions to these challenges.

Thus, the ecosystem of talent and innovation created in Bilbao, will contribute to the development of local knowledge-intensive services companies and the promotion of the industrial sector, which must be actively involved in an intelligent transformation process in order to ensure their future.

Industry 4.0 : Industry, SMEs & Entrepreneurship

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Talent and innovation to be competitive in the digital economy

Bilbao City Council - Urban Innovative Actions (UIA)

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