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Extension of Tabuk airport

Saudi Arabia

In 2011 the new Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Airport began to operate commercial flights. The Tabuk airport is located within a commercial area of a farming city, in the north of Saudi Arabia. Having a military base next to it, the construction of the airport intended to be in keeping with the great investment and the continuous and rapid urban development of the Tabuk area.

A commercial area, responding to the rapid urban growth of the area

The significant increase of domestic and international flights in recent years have called for a review of the estimations gathered in the existing Master Plan, which included the required actions to cover airport services until 2041.

IDOM, as an airport expert, along with the Saudi companies IMAR and GACA, is in charge of developing the projects for the extension of the entire airport, which includes the Terminal Building, the Cargo Terminal, the platform, the taxiways, car parks and entrances and infrastructures, as well as other auxiliary buildings.

Airport Infrastructure : Architecture : Design : Special Airport Systems

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General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)

Alternatives Study
Construction Projects
Demand & Capacity Analysis

Ana Díaz ( adg@idom.com )
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