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Feasibility analysis of the Nimaima regional extreme adventure park


In the heart of Colombia, IDOM has played a crucial role in the development of the Nimaima Extreme Adventure Regional Park, carrying out a series of activities for the National Planning Department. This project, conceived as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), has relied on IDOM’s expertise to ensure its technical, legal and financial viability.

IDOM began by carrying out an exhaustive diagnosis of the Amusement Parks sector at a national level, offering an integral vision that laid the foundations for the success of the project.

  • Diagnosis of the Amusement Parks sector at national level.
  • Development of an international benchmark.
  • Identification of best practices for infrastructure development.
  • Elaboration of a best practices manual for the development of amusement park projects under private capital linkage schemes.
  • Property analysis.
  • Analysis of permits and licences.
  • Market research with primary information.
  • Analysis of public finances and sources of financing.
  • Legal characterisation and analysis of the business organisation and the entity granting the PPP.
  • Technical, legal and financial characterisation – Dimensioning.
  • Design of the institutional framework – PPP proposal and recommendations.

Financial Advisory : Strategy & Operations

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