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Financial analysis of Saudi Arabia’s new waste management model

Middle East | Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government, through MWAN, the agency responsible for coordinating waste management in the Kingdom, is developing an ambitious plan for the implementation of new waste management solutions at the national level.

This plan covers all types of waste, from urban waste to industrial, construction, sanitary, etc., and aims to develop the infrastructure and services necessary to achieve the highest standards of sustainability.

In this context, IDOM is developing the financial analysis of the plan. A complex analysis that includes:

  • Based on a regional division of the country, modelling of waste streams and the various facilities to be implemented
  • Identification of business units with potential to be tendered out independently
  • Financial modelling at regional and business unit level
  • Cost estimation and economic instruments to be applied
  • Tender model and responsibilities

As a result of the process, packages of investment opportunities are being pre-launched in order to involve private operators in the development of the Kingdom’s new waste management model.

Financial Advisory : Strategy & Operations

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