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Feasibility Study of a Strategic Plan for a Smart and Inclusive Historic Centre and of a CICO for the District of Santa Marta

America | Colombia

The Smart Santa Marta project is a Smart City pilot project in the historic center of Santa Marta, built, conceived, and designed with and for the citizens, which seeks to be both replicable and scalable for the rest of the city. The scope of the work of the IDOM consulting team included the preparation of a diagnosis analysis and the formulation of a strategic plan aimed at mitigating some of the problems identified in the area through the development and implementation of various technological solutions.

For its implementation, the scope of the services included the technical, legal and financial structuring of an Integrated Control and Operations Centre (CICO), which will be managed by the Municipal Administration and from which all the information coming from the prioritized technological solutions will be collected and shared with the SIES room and all the control centers of Santa Marta, guaranteeing the centralization and management of information and appropriate decision making.

The design and structuring of the project was carried out by the IDOM/EY consultancy team, with the active participation of the community, with particular emphasis on women, women’s groups and associations, excluded groups such as the visually impaired population, informal vendors, among others.

To this end, the project had a Social Management and Gender Equality Plan (PGSEG), which constituted the overall framework for action that transcended the various technical components and moments of the project, and therefore defined its formulation from an approach that prioritized social and territorial relations for the sake of systemic strengthening of the project’s scope of intervention.




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