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Urban strategy for the first metro line in Bogota


Urban strategy that integrates value capture and land management tools based on the concepts of the DOTS model

  • The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is providing technical assistance to Bogotá for the financing of its first metro line. Specifically, the Bank is commissioning IDOM to formulate an urban strategy around the NQS station of the PLMB that will allow the successful insertion of the metro system, taking into account a vision of growth and development for the city and the definition of the value capture model to be implemented around the station as a pilot to be replicated in other stations. This is also within the framework of the principles of Transit-Oriented Development – TOD, to ensure sustainable urban development around the transport system proposed by the city.The scope of the consultancy includes the identification of the potential supply and demand of real estate in the area of the station, the design of the appropriate urban model for structuring a business model that will ensure the maximum recovery of land value by the Metro Company and thus finance the urban project itself and ensure a greater number of users living around the station:
    • Definition of the study area for strategic urban projects (station influence area) and thematic and strategic diagnostics (territorial analysis, infrastructure, urban mobility system for access to the station, real estate market study, analysis of natural risks and urban resilience).
    • Local property market study and economic-financial analysis.
    • Transit-oriented Development (TOD) urban and landscape design and modelling

    Real estate business model and financial and financing tools.


City & Territory : Urban renewal & Smart growth

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Empresa Metro de Bogotá
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)