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Boosting regional competitiveness in strategic sectors


Knowledge society increasingly requires smart infrastructure and expertise services that promote economic development and competitiveness of regions and cities and which maximize the innovative potential and builds upon existing resources to activate and support high-impact projects.

In this context, and in line with the objective of promoting scientific and technological development of Mexico within each region, relevant departments of State and Regional Governments, in collaboration with the General Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) have counted upon the collaboration of IDOM for the definition and creation of various Science and Technology Parks (PCyTs) throughout the country, aiming to establishing a Regional Innovation System.

New value-added opportunities for technology-based and research companies

IDOM, with its long national and international experience in creating STPs, has been developing, in close coordination with the Mexican authorities, a Regional Innovation System, comprising a network of vocational poles aimed to increase regional competitiveness in the sectors with the greatest development potential in each region: Renewable Energy in Oaxaca; Biotechnology and Health Technologies in Atizapan; or Biological Research of marine resources in Ensenada.

These innovation centers are attractive spaces for the creation of new value-added opportunities for technology-based and research companies, as they support new entrepreneurs and create incubators for innovation companies. They generate highly qualified employment based on knowledge and technology transfer, and foster synergies between universities, technological centers and businesses.

The most important projects developed by our company, include the Technopole Esmeralda in Atizapan, the STP of Hidalgo, Ensenada Technology Park, Technology Park in Guanajuato and Oaxaca. Likewise, IDOM has participated in projects for IT Technology Park in Queretaro, IT Technology Park in Zacatecas, Morelos Technology Park or Technology Innovation Park CIBNOR BioHelis in Baja California.
IDOM covers all services throughout the project cycle, from the definition of park model and its viability to the design of buildings.

In addition, our company has an extensive network of relationships with associations and institutions linked to technology parks and scientists such as the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT); the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), of which IDOM is an associate member; the European Commission, working as accredited for the European Innovation Program SPRINT consultants; the Association of Technology Parks of Spain (APTE), participating in assisting companies and public and private institutions; and the Society for the Promotion of Industry of the Basque Country (SPRI), providing our services in the promotion and internationalization of their companies and in designing technology transfer programs.

Urban renewal & Smart growth

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CONACYT - Government Mixed Fund of the State of Oaxaca
Hidalgo State Science and Technology Council
IDF Joint Development Fund and Economic Development Secretariat of Baja California
IT Innovation and Transfer - Zacatecas A.C.
IT Technology Park in Querétaro
Mexican Council of Science and Technology
Undersecretary of Works of the State of Morelos
University of Guanajuato

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