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Conceptual Vision for the development of the Tizayuca region


In the state of Hidalgo, the new PLATAH Logistic Platform of Mexico is being created. Located in an area of 630 hectares, it will be one of the main growth engines for the economic diversification of the country.

Artha Capital, the developer of this infrastructure project, together with the state government, expects a new pole of development to be created around the platform, along with possibly linking the region with the New Mexico City International Airport.

A creative place, ideal for boosting competitiveness, productivity and employment

IDOM has been responsible for developing the ‘Grand Vision’ for the development of Valle de PLATAH, an area of 9,000 hectares, expected to grow in an integrated and balanced manner. The area includes a Logistics City, regional-level shopping and entertainment areas, medium and high-end residential areas, as well as commercial areas and strategic services related to the new airport infrastructure and other potential infrastructure of the region.

The Centre of Valle de Plata will be a creative place, ideal for boosting competitiveness, productivity and employment in the region, and will feature amenities, urban services and green spaces that will ensure quality of life for its inhabitants and visitors.

In this context, the territorial development guidelines have been defined for the region, considering its integration into the largest market in Mexico, almost 37 million people in a radius of 150 km2. The region is expected to be integrated into the transport and logistics networks in the country, especially the road and rail network connecting to the new airport in Mexico City. Areas reserved for the support-service uses for the airport infrastructure have been identified, and a new urban centre is being planned to provide further support to the platform as part of effective regional planning. In urban areas an attractive, safe and liveable space will be designed to attract global companies, providing favourable conditions for the growth and consolidation of economic and social activities in an eco-sustainable environment.

A Land Management Model has also been developed, defining the key actors, authorities, owners, real estate developers…

Urban renewal & Smart growth

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Conceptual Development of the Urban
Conceptual Vision
Economic Pole
Integration Plan for Road Transport Networks
Promotional Video
Railway and Logistics Connection of the region with the New Mexico City Airport
Reserve Plan of areas for Back-up Uses of Airport Infrastructure
Soil Management Model
Territorial Planning

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