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Innovative Procurement Medellin



The objectives of Ruta N include the generation of Research, Development and Innovation competencies within the public administration, with the aim of responding to the problems of the city and those of the administration, in an innovative and high-impact manner. IDOM collaborated with Ruta N in planning, executing and evaluating the mainstreaming of Innovation program within the public administration, developed together with the Mayor’s Office of Medellín.

Creating research, development and innovation competencies in the public administration

This first pilot project was developed together with the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and 10 of its Secretariats. A total of fifty people participated in innovating and received training and accompaniment in the five phases of the public innovation process: defining the problem, designing opportunities, selecting solutions, developing prototypes and testing solutions.

The results of the prototypes showed the advantages of open innovation and collaboration with technology-based and innovative companies for the government.

Industry, SMEs & Entrepreneurship

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Launching an innovation laboratory for the Government of Medellín

Ruta N

Accompanying Public Entities
Design and Development - Transfer of Knowledge Modules
Prototype Design

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