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Institutional modernization of the Ministry of Public Works of Paraguay


IDOM has been supporting the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay, analyzing and resolving aspects related to strategic planning, organizational restructuring and digital transformation, for which a Technical Advisory and Operational Improvement area was set up.

Analyzing the needs of strategic planning and digital transformation

This institutional modernization project was developed following three main lines of action:

First line – Strategic analysis concluding in the elaboration of the Institutional Strategic Plan for the period 2019-2023 and the development of the Ministerial Restructuring Plan. Additionally, the organizational design of certain units and strategic administrative areas of the institution was also carried out.

Second line – The operational analysis of the critical processes of the Ministry in relation to the planning, management and control of public works, in order to identify opportunities for improvement both administrative and procedural and of information systems.

Third line – Support for the digital transformation of the Ministry. This involved the design and structuring of processes supported by customized technological solutions, which allow to support business intelligence processes, expropriation management, document administration and project progress control.

Competitiveness & Innovation : Strategy

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The Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay

Analysis and optimization of processes for the management and control of strategic projects
Design and modernization of document management processes
Implementation of Business Intelligence methodologies
Strategic planning
Study and design of organizational structures
Systematization and automation of management processes