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Market Study of the Ras Al Khair Industrial City

Saudi Arabia

IDOM is supporting the Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu (RCJY) in the development and promotion of the industrial city of Ras Al Khair, through the identification, definition and promotion of investment projects in the sectors of steel, ferroalloys, aluminum, copper, zinc, fertilizers, maritime, silica, glass and capital goods.

Located on the east coast of the country, 80 km north of Jubail (one of the largest petrochemical centers in the world), Ras Al Khair is the result of the ambition of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to diversify its economy beyond oil.

Identification, definition and promotion of investment projects

Following a pre-selection of more than 100 investment opportunities, IDOM prioritized them and developed a detailed business case study of the most promising ones, including: market analysis, production process design and technology identification, the economic-financial model, the definition of incentives and enabling elements; in addition to the calculation of the socio-economic impact.

Additionally, and with the support of Saudi authorities such as the Ministry of Investments and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Spain, IDOM organized an international roadshow in Madrid, to promote the city of Ras Al Khair and the investment opportunities identified. This event was attended by the main most relevant Spanish companies in the sectors of opportunity, such as Grupo Villar Mir, Fertiberia, Tubacex or Duro Felguera.

IDOM will continue working with the RCJY in the organization of more international roadshows, as well as in the development of additional business opportunities.

Competitiveness & Innovation : Strategy

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Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu (RCJY)

Diversification of the productive matrix
Investment attraction
Investment project feasibility analysis
Prioritization of sectors with development potential

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