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Integration Design of ITER Ports


ITER is an international joint venture that aims to build the world’s largest experimental fusion facility and to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion power as an energy source.

Under contract with Fusion for Energy (F4E) – the European Union’s organization for Europe´s contribution to ITER-, IDOM is developing the integration design of 5 Diagnostic Ports that host a variety of state of the art instruments that will measure and control the plasma generated inside the ITER machine.

IDOM has deployed a comprehensive and intensive system engineering activity in collaboration with IO, F4E, and fusion labs and suppliers in Europe, and several countries from accross the globe, in order to successfully integrate and develop the complete design of the ports.

Extremely high thermal, electromagnetic and seismic events drive the engineering design of the in-vessel metallic containers, which must also protect diagnostic equipment from extreme operating conditions and shield ex-vessel components from neutron radiation.

Engineering design also entails the customization of ex-vessel structures housing diagnostics and their services, as well as the development of specific fit-for-purpose feedthroughs for providing services connections to in-vessel diagnostics while preserving Vacuum.

Nuclear Technology & Particle Physics

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Full Integration Design

  • ITER-Fusion-Reactor-Equatorial-Port-Cadarache-France-IDOM-ADA_1
  • ITER-Fusion-Reactor-Equatorial-Port-Cadarache-France-IDOM-ADA_2
  • ITER-Fusion-Reactor-Equatorial-Port-Cadarache-France-IDOM-ADA_3
  • ITER-Fusion-Reactor-Upper-Port-Cadarache-France-IDOM-ADA_4
  • ITER-Fusion-Reactor-Upper-Port-Cadarache-France-IDOM-ADA-5