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Nuclear and particle physicists, researchers in atomic energy, medicine and others, all need the most advanced technology, even beyond state of the art, for their experiments, IDOM ADA collaboration with international and research organisations starts at the very beginning, when the Physics Case of the research project is stated. At this point we develop a basic design and specification of the instruments and facilities ended and a first scheduling and budgeting of the works to be performed. And we continue all throughout the project until the construction and commissioning of the facilities.

Iñigo Eletxigerra
+34 944 797 676

Finland, France
UGXR Test benches for Jules Horowitz Reactor

Experimental fission reactor facilities are essential for the development of nuclear technology for peaceful uses. New formulations and configurations of nuclear fuels are...

Europe, USA
Spallation Neutron Sources

IDOM collaborated with ESS Bilbao and the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, US) in the development of rotating target...

Integration Design of ITER Ports

ITER is an international joint venture that aims to build the world’s largest experimental fusion facility and to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion...