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Spallation Neutron Sources

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IDOM collaborated with ESS Bilbao and the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, US) in the development of rotating target technologies for neutron spallation sources. The works included the design and prototyping of different configurations for target disc and drive, as well as the complete engineering and operation of a test bench for flow characterisation of coolant along target disc cooling channels.

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SNS STS Target. Prototyping and testing

The SNS design displays a disc of diameter 1.2 m that “hangs” from a 4 m long axis. The advantage presented by this design is that it allows hands-on maintenance to be done on it, by locating its mechanical system (motor, bearings and ceramic rings) out of the target room, which is a zone of high radiation levels.

The prototyping of the target module designed and fabricated by IDOM was turned in to SNS in autumn 2009. Its mechanical properties were successfully tested during more than 5000 hours in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2010. During the tenth meeting of the Nuclear Applications of Particle Accelerators (AccApp’11, April 2011, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA), SNS presented, with the participation of ESS Bilbao and IDOM, a summary of the tests and main conclusions obtained in relationship to the target.

Target for ESS. Conceptual design and preliminary evaluation

The preliminary design developed by IDOM presents a highly compact tungsten disc, with which the production of neutrons is maximized, and a mechanical system supported by a horizontal carriage that retracts the target so as to facilitate the substitution of moderators and the inside of the reflector.

In 2010 IDOM presented this design study in collaboration with ESS Bilbao, SNS/ORNL and the Institute of Fusion (UPM) at the 19th International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources (ICANS XIX), where the thermo-hydraulic analysis, safety considerations, neutron production estimations and maintenance studies conducted, were presented.

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Prototyping and Testing

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