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Intervention in National Parks. Brazil


With the idea of exploiting the tourist potential of the national parks of Jericoacoara, Ubajara, Sete Cidades and Serra das Confusoes, under an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable model, the government of Brazil has called for tenders for the design studies and feasibility analysis of possible private concessions.

The project aims to implement the necessary infrastructure for the development of ecotourism activities while protecting the parks

The project, being the successful tender, has the objective of setting up the necessary infrastructures for the development of ecotourism whilst preserving the parks. Energy efficiency measures were taken coherent with the region and its climate. In total, more than 60 infrastructure projects have been carried out, both small and medium scale, such as visitors’ centres, lodgings, restaurants and shelters. The architectonic concept is based on vernacular architecture of the park areas and on a modular system that uses local materials. The system is made up of elements which can be prefabricated, easily transported and set up, avoiding major impacts on the surroundings where they are introduced.


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Ministério do Planejamento

Preparation of Studies

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