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Jabal Khandama Masterplan

Saudi Arabia

This Master plan was put forward for a new area of the city of Mecca, on mount Jabal Khandama, in an area which is around 60 Ha.

Hotel and residential uses for a population of 100,000 residents

The main uses are residential and that of accommodation, for an estimated population of 100,000 between permanent and temporary residents.

The total built area is 2.5 million square meters. It also includes several praying facilities as well as shopping areas and healthcare services. A tour through the different squares will take the pilgrim to the main mosque in the city.

The architectonic prototypes were developed taking into account the local climate and society, applying sustainable town planning criteria.

Architecture : Design : Landscaping & City : Mixed Use :

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The main uses are hotel and residential, for an estimated population of 100,000 residents

Khandama Development Project

Master Plan
Restricted Competition