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Logistics centers for European operations and other projects for Michelin

Poland | Spain | UK

IDOM has collaborated with Michelin in the logistics reorganization of its European operations (RLF and MLA program), with the provision of engineering services during all phases of the project and the management thereof (EPCM services) for the construction of three logistics centers in the Iberian Peninsula, specifically in Álava, Toledo and Valladolid.

For several years, IDOM has been providing engineering services under a Framework Contract for Michelin in its factories in Vitoria, Lasarte, Valladolid and Burgos. The scope work is customized according to the needs of each project (buildings, foundations, facilities, etc.).

Another significant project in which IDOM has participated is the renewal of the production line of tire firing presses in the Michelin factory in Dundee (Scotland), which incorporates optimized ventilation for the treatment of exit fumes, the result of the study of fluid dynamics (CFD) applied to the process.

IDOM also collaborates with Michelin in its plant in Olsztyn (Poland).

Logistics Centres

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Engineering Services

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