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We cover all phases of the investment life-cycle for Industrial Plants:

Planning: feasibility studies, master plans, CAPEX estimation, competitiveness Strategies (flexibility, sustainability, industry 4.0)

Implementation: EPCM, project management services, basic and detailed engineering, procurement management, construction management

Operation: training, O&M engineering and consulting, process optimization, implementation of industry 4.0

África Cortés
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Logistics center for a leading online distributor

IDOM has provided the design and assistance for the construction of one of the main distribution centers in Spain for one of the...

Poland, Spain, UK
Logistics centers for European operations and other projects for Michelin

IDOM has collaborated with Michelin in the logistics reorganization of its European operations (RLF and MLA program), with the provision of engineering services...

DHL – Logistics warehouses at the Foronda airport

IDOM has provided engineering services to DHL to carry out the project of logistics warehouses at the Foronda Airport, in Vitoria-Gasteiz. From this...


King Felipe VI visited Pikolin’s new facility in Saragossa

May 30, 2018

King Felipe VI visited Pikolin’s new facility in Saragossa

On May 18, King Felipe VI visited the new facilities of the Pikolin group in the Plaza logistics center of the Aragonese capital, proceeding to...