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Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil


The aim of the project is to contribute to the reducing CO2 emissions in industry in Brazil, by promoting green technological solutions. Within the framework of the Cooperation Agreements between Brazilian and European companies, we are working together to achieve the implementation of these solutions, providing specific technical assistance services in business planning and finance, regulation, impact assessment and market analysis.

This challenge brings with it an important economic, social, technological and political change

The purpose has been to advise Brazilian and European companies in affirming the interest shown in the Cooperation Agreement and translate it into economically viable projects, with an impact on one of the three key sectors of the low carbon strategy: waste management, waste treatment wastewater, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Once evaluated and prioritized, a total of 80 distinguished agreements have been selected for technical assistance to partner companies and, thus, enable those agreements with the greatest potential for mitigation, scalability and likely to be financed by national and international institutions.

Possible sources of funding have been identified to align the efforts of the actors and specific services have been contemplated such as business planning and finance, regulation, impact assessment and market analysis.

In addition, a project communication and dissemination strategy has been implemented, informing on the benefits and impact of low carbon technologies for the Brazilian industry on the country’s sustainable economy.

Industry, SMEs & Entrepreneurship

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Delegation of the European Union in Brazil

Prioritization of Technology Transfer Projects
Project Management
Promotion of Low Carbon Technologies
Technical and Financial Feasibility Assessment
Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Low Carbon Projects

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