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Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico


The project seeks to contribute to limiting and reducing carbon emissions in Mexico, supporting the transition of Mexican industry to that end, by cooperation between European and Mexican companies to implement green technology solutions.

Moving towards a society in which clean technologies will play a fundamental role

The shift towards a low emission economy involves both technology and equipment solutions providers, as well as private sector associations, investors, and innovation and development centers.

In this context, the services provided by IDOM include:

  • Mapping of initiatives in Mexico, in each industrial sector, that promote the reduction of carbon emissions, identification of existing needs in each industry, and sources and specific financing schemes.
  • Identification and mobilization of potential partners both in Mexico and in Europe in the three key sectors: waste management and wastewater treatment, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.
  • Identification of innovation and technology transfer needs for participating projects
  • Organization of business activities aimed at relating business supply and demand: business identification, organization of trade missions to relate participants

The involvement of the actors has resulted in declarations of interest that, at the end of the project, have become concrete and detailed commitments for the development of 40 mitigation projects with the bilateral participation of Mexican and European actors.

Industry, SMEs & Entrepreneurship

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Delegation of the European Union in Mexico

Consolidation of Collaboration Agreements & Technology Transfer
Prioritization of Technology Transfer Projects
Project Management
Promotion of Low Carbon Technologies
Technical and Financial Feasibility Assessment

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