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Lumbier Compressor station, Navarra


The Lumbier natural gas compressor station was built in 2009, in the municipality of the same name in Navarra. It has a total installed capacity of 38 MW. Located on the Lacq-Calahorra pipeline, the Lumbier station expands the interconnection capacity with France in the village of Larrau, as well as increasing the pressure at the point of connection of the pipeline and the Ebro valley, incrementing considerably the transport capacity.

Enagas has contracted IDOM to design the installation of the Vent Gas Recovery System (VGRS), with the aim of achieving 0% methane gas emissions into the atmosphere at the Lumbier Compressor station. The compressor station has two GE PGT20DLE turbo compressors of 590,000 Nm³/h at 80bar. The VRS has been designed to include the installation of a compressor that works discontinuously and allows the extraction of gas in the suction and delivery circuits of the gas turbochargers to reinject them into the general suction circuit of the compressor station itself. The re-injection of this gas (3,800 Nm³/h @ 56 bar) is achieved through the use of an alternative gas compressor, powered by an electric motor (75 kW) that comes into operation once the turbocharger stops working, extracting only suction and discharge of the stopped turbocharger by opening and closing automatic motorized valves.

The scope of services provided by IDOM include the complete engineering of the modification of the current facilities, the specifications of equipment and the preparation of the projects for licenses and permits.

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Detailed Engineering
Projects for Licenses and Permits

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