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Manzanas del cuidado – urbans spaces


IDOM is responsible for the design of low-cost and high-impact urban development interventions to strengthen the identity of the Manzana del Cuidado (urban space) of San Cristóbal San Blas, located in UPL 21 of San Cristóbal. This will generate active, safe, dynamic and recognizable spaces for the population, promoting the appropriation of the care infrastructures located in the neighborhood. This intervention is born from the urban initiatives of the District Program of Care of the Mayor’s Office of the City.

IDOM‘s consultancy consists of the following stages:

  1. Urban analysis of the neighborhood where the tactical urban planning strategies will be located.
  2. Information gathering in the field with the support of the Secretary of Habitat and Women’s Affairs.
  3. Participatory conceptualization of the urban proposal (community and district entities involved).
  4. Preparation of detailed graphic bases (plans and sections of the intervention sections).
  5. Tactical urban planning proposal in the pedestrian corridor prioritized by the community and entities.
  6. Supply of planimetry and detailed construction budget.
  • Manzana del cuidado
  • manzanas del cuidado 2