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Strategy for the territorial positioning of the Network of Creative Districts of Bogotá


In the context of the district public policy in Bogota, Colombia, the Creative Districts and Cultural Territories have been established, which require a comprehensive strategy for territorial positioning in two key fronts: communication and design of the physical space.

IDOM has developed a set of tools to highlight the identity of these areas for tourists, visitors and residents. This is achieved through a carefully designed communication strategy, along with proposals for urban interventions that enhance and distinguish the Creative Districts within the urban fabric of Bogota.

Designing a positioning strategy for the Network of Creative Districts and Cultural Territories (REDD) was the main objective of our work. This includes the creation of tools that highlight the unique identity of these spaces, as well as the design of visual elements in the environment that differentiate them from other sectors of the city.

To achieve this objective, we employed a Wayfinding methodology, divided into four fundamental components:

  1. Information, documentation and research: We collected comprehensive data on Creative Districts and Cultural Territories in order to understand their context and their unique characteristics.
  2. Analysis and Diagnosis: We conducted a detailed analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that influence the positioning of these spaces.
  3. Identity and Orientation Strategy: We developed a comprehensive visual identity and spatial orientation strategy to guide visitors and highlight the uniqueness of each district.
  4. Brand Design: We created distinctive visual elements that represent the essence and personality of each Creative District, contributing to its recognition and differentiation in the urban landscape.

With this positioning strategy, we aim to promote the growth and prosperity of the Creative Districts and Cultural Territories, strengthening their attractiveness both locally and internationally, thus contributing to the cultural and economic development of Bogota.

City & Territory : Urban renewal & Smart growth

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Secretaría de Cultura Recreación y Deporte de Bogotá

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