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Food Network Design


Grupo Nutresa, a leading producer of processed foods in the Colombian market, need to implement a tool for the design of networks (ND) and the generation of integrated value scenarios (IVS) to strengthen its supply chain and maximize its gross margin operations.

A company focused on creating value

The activities developed throughout the project include:

  • Mapping of processes, purchase-operation-distribution flows, actors and current service levels
  • Determination of current cost structures, calculation of gross margin and type of offer outputs
  • Preliminary estimation of the parameters for the necessary scenarios and sensitivity analysis
  • Design of parameters for a sensitivity analysis and possible strategic scenarios
  • Generation of the optimization model for each stage level
  • Development of the integration ETL with APO and R/3 and the other possible data sources
  • Development of the range of scenarios and evaluation of results
  • Carrying out the calibration and parameterization of the model based on the results obtained
  • Realization of user manuals and material for training and development of user training
  • Monitoring and control of the system: standard processes, critical processes, advocacy processes

Supply Chain

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