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Port Community System Global Study


In order to promote the development and implementation of Port Community Systems worldwide, the International Port Community System Association (IPCSA) has contracted IDOM to provide technical assistance in conducting a PCS Global  Study.

The objective of this study is to characterize the situation of IPCSA members in the main areas of interest related to PCS and to identify how they currently operate, based on a benchmarking of 37 of its members.

For this purpose, IDOM undertook the following activities

  • Revision of existing frameworks and documentation to establish a common baseline for the Global PCS Study.
  • Design a survey for each IPCSA member based on publicly available information.
  • Manage the surveys with the 37 IPCSA members, including PCS operators and port authorities.
  • Analysis of the survey results based on different areas covering all aspects necessary for the implementation and operation of PCS:
    • PM services
    • PM governance and business model for PCS
    • Change Management
    • Laws & Regulations
    • Technology
  • Preparation of the PCS Global Study Report, which presents the most statistically relevant findings and expert insights for each of the areas covered in the study.

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IPCSA (international Port Community System Association)