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Project DOME (Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe)


The DOME (Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe Cloud and Edge Services) project aims to become Europe’s trusted access point for cloud services, bringing together stakeholders from different sectors and countries, including infrastructure and platform providers, service integrators, certification bodies and customers, into a single, cohesive network. The vision of the project is to optimize existing practices and deliver a seamlessly integrated suite of services across national boundaries, facilitating digital transformation for enterprises and public organizations.

IDOM’s participation in DOME is focused on leveraging the project’s extensive capabilities to revolutionize the port logistics sector, transforming the critical nodes that are ports into digital innovation hubs. IDOM will introduce innovative solutions to improve efficiency, sustainability and connectivity in port operations through digital twin technologies to transform ports into digital innovation hubs.

Thus, IDOM’s efforts are focused on the development of the following services:

  • PaaSPort4.0 (Open Innovation Sandbox Platform): for the creation of new services that connect ports and innovative communities to facilitate the creation of new value-added digital services (smart services). This will help to consolidate ports as port innovation hubs offering data as a service and technology.
  • ETA Box_Vessel: is a service based on a predictive model to forecast vessel arrival/departure times to improve berthing operations in ports and provide better information for planning vessel-related services.
  • ETA Box_CN: is a service used to determine the feasibility of a predictive model to provide a prediction of the discharge/departure time of an import container before the vessel discharge operation begins. This will help to improve terminal operations (loading/unloading) and provide better information for planning cargo related services.

Smart Ports : Strategy & Operations

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