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Safety culture

Nuclear Safety is in the core of IDOM activities. This is supported by a process in which hazards and risks are identified and assessed on an ongoing basis in order to mitigate them by implementing preventive measures.

Our Nuclear Safety Culture is in close alignment with the world´s best performing plants and good industry practices.

The proposed Nuclear Safety Culture concept is based on International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other International regulatory guidelines. Our Nuclear Safety Culture is in close alignment with the world’s best performing plants and good industry practices.

The Nuclear Safety Culture characteristics within the projects are in line with International and national practices, and consist of the following principles:

  • Everyone is personally responsible for nuclear safety.
  • Leaders demonstrate commitment to safety.
  • Trust permeates the organization.
  • Decision-making reflects safety first.
  • Nuclear technology is recognized as special and unique.
  • A questioning attitude is cultivated.
  • Organizational learning is embraced.
  • Nuclear safety undergoes constant examination.

Specific project activities and processes and organizational behaviours influence the Nuclear Safety Culture characteristics listed above. The initiative to support the Nuclear Safety Culture is driven by the presidency and involves all employees participation. The received feedback and lessons learned are utilized to further refine the Nuclear Safety Culture initiative. New employees are familiarized with Nuclear Safety Culture initiative during orientation training.