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Santa María de Garoña NPP Decommissioning.


At IDOM we cover the needs related to the engineering services for the decommissioning of the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant.

We cover several works detailed below:

  • Basic engineering: radiological characterization; physical and radiological inventory; 3D model; design criteria; calculations; systems and facilities modification plans; dismantling, demolition and material management plan; integrated dismantling program.
  • Licensing documentation: Safety Analysis Report (SAR), ETFs, operating regulations, quality assurance manual, facility emergency plan, radioactive waste and spent fuel management plan, declassifiable materials control plan, site restoration plan, economic study, surveillance programs of important systems for radiation protection, general characterization program, ALARA program, occupational risk prevention plan, environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring program, document required by Article 37 of the EURATOM, physical protection plan, project for the municipal building license.
  • Detailed engineering of preparatory activities: update of the radiological characterization and database, plan of decontamination of the primary circuit, characterization of the primary system, plan of discharges and elimination of risks, plan of disassembly of conventional elements, plans of modifications of systems and facilities, material management plan; engineering, licensing and supervision of preparatory activities.
  • Detailed engineering of decommissioning activities: radiological calculations, license documentation and associated documents, detailed design of auxiliary systems/facilities, materials and logistics management, detailed design of decommissioning plans.

Back End : Dismantling & Decommissioning

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Basic Engineering (FEED)
Conceptual Engineering
Detailed Engineering