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Mexico | Poland

IDOM has led the implementation of the SAP system in the ONNERA group’s manufacturing plants in Poland and Mexico, as well as its marketing subsidiary in Cancun (Mexico). By implementing this system, these plants have adopted the corporate business processes.

The project has covered all areas of the company (procurement, commercial, financial, engineering, planning, production, logistics) and has given solution to the legal peculiarities of the country or each business.

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The project has covered all areas of the company

The scope of the project has dealt with the legal and fiscal particularities of each country, in particular, in the case of Mexico, the governmental requirements in terms of billing and accounting, reporting through electronic means. New types of business have also been incorporated, such as the production and sale of customized products, which has not been considered in the corporate model of the ONNERA group.

The methodology of IDOM has been used to manage the project, sequencing the different activities of the project: launch, design, construction, testing, training, start-up and support. The number of workers in the plants within the scope of the project has been around 400 people.

SAP Implementation Services : SAP S/4HANA & RISE

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