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Seismic assessment for South Ukraine 3 NPP


The project consisted of the provision of skills and competences to a local engineering company to carry out seismic assessment of 840 different types of equipment. The project was split into three main stages:

  • Stage 1. Analysis of previous input data.

In the first stage, analysis and further classification of equipment were made in order to create two main lists. Equipment was sorted between the ones which seismic sufficiency was susceptible to be justified through using GIP and/or GIP VVER, EPRI NP-6041, DOE/EH-0545, or similar methodology, and equipment to which the analog methods did not apply.

  • Stage 2. Walkdowns at the NPP site.

The second stage consisted of the walkdowns of 119 equipment that could be accessed in the power plant SUNPP-3, for example: heat exchangers, motorized valves, electrical components, HVAC components and fire protection components.

  • Stage 3. Assessment of equipment seismic resistance.

Seismic assessment (response spectrum/capacity vs demand, anchorage calculations, interactions evaluations) of the 119 equipment inspected by IDOM staff.

Technical assistance to local engineering in:

    • Assistance in the seismic boundary assessment for the equipment not inspected by the staff of the client.
    • Assistance to the assessment of the equipment that cannot be assessed by analog methods.

Besides the assistance, IDOM has provided a theoretical and practical course in which the following topics were seen.

  • Background to experience-based seismic qualification and seismic margin under GIP, GIP VVER, EPRI NP-6041, DOE/EH0545 codes or similar.
  • Seismic capability walkdown.
  • Preparatory work and implementation.
  • Check list’s (SEWS) and caveats.
  • Anchorage calculations.
  • Interactions.
  • Qualification and seismic margin.
  • Seismic interaction outliers.

Operation & Maintenance

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