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Smart Costa del Sol


The ‘Smart Costa del Sol’ project is an initiative of the National Smart Cities Plan of Spain, co-financed by FEDER Funds.

The project covers 13 municipalities and includes the development and implementation of an Intelligent City Platform and vertical services, applications for the exploitation and dissemination of information generated from the data coming from each vertical and external source. Likewise, applications aimed at tourism such as the Web Portal and the Smart Costa del Sol App are included.

ICT, improving the quality of life

The project’s strategic objective is to increase the social and economic well-being of the citizens of the 13 municipalities that are part of the initiative, through the intensive use of information and communications technologies.

The specific objectives of the Project are:

  1. Implement a Smart City Platform, capable of providing cross-cutting services to the multiple systems that are required for the governance of the City;
  2. Develop applications for the exploitation and dissemination of information such as: BI, Dashboards, Big Data and Open Data Portal;
  3. Develop and integrate the city services vertical management platform such as: irrigation in parks, natural areas; parking spaces; Street lighting; energy consumption in public buildings, use and occupation of spaces by visitors;
  4. Develop services and applications for tourist use such as: Smart App Costa del Sol, Smart Costa del Sol web portal, Spaces Flag Ship, Social Wifi, Beacons;
  5. Develop an e-learning Portal to support training activities aimed at users of different applications.

Smart Cities

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Software Design and Development

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