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Impulso Valencia Smart City – VLCi


Impulso VLCi is a project of the National Smart Cities Plan of Spain, co-financed with ERDF Funds. Its objective is to improve the quality of life and well-being of citizens and visitors. The project includes the following activities: updating of the Municipal GIS; improve, develop and integrate a series of vertical solutions in the Smart City Platform of the city; Provide the municipality with technological equipment.

A more inclusive and participative city

Impulso VLCi is an initiative to achieve a more inclusive, participative city that will improve the quality of life and wellbeing of the citizens and visitors of Valencia, by fulfilling five major objectives:

  • Update the Municipal Geographic Information System
  • Improve the Smart City Platform of the city and develop and integrate different verticals of services: Intelligent Management of Municipal Heritage; Intelligent Urban Waste Management; Intelligent lighting in districts; Efficient Management of Reduced Mobility Places – Loading and Unloading – Taxi; Efficient Management of Urban Noise; and Integrated Service in Municipal Vehicles for Urban Environmental Monitoring
  • Include functionalities to the Valencia App to facilitate citizen access to new sources of information published by the City Council
  • Develop the new Social Fund Management application for Households at Risk of Water Exclusion
  • Implement the Local Civic Network that will allow citizens, organizations and local institutions to connect and share information.

Smart Cities

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Software Design and Development
Supply of Equipment

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