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Soil research and environmental monitoring of the Remediation in Bolueta (Bilbao).
Due Diligence Phase I, Phase II and Phase III


IDOM has carried out the urban and environmental recovery of a 45,000 m² plot originally occupied by the industrial ruins of the abandoned foundry Fundiciones Bolueta (Bilbao). The site will be recovered for real estate development, the building of 1,100 homes.

Among the services included in the scope of IDOM, the following was carried out:

  • Exploratory and Detailed Investigations of soil quality
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • The drafting of the Excavation Plan
  • Control and Environmental Monitoring of Sanitation Operations

The volume of contaminated soils and waste that has been cleaned reached 140,000 m³.

Sustainable Soil Management

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VISESA- The Basque Government

Technical Consultancy

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