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Implementating an acceptance system for the spent fuel of the Spanish inventory.


IDOM has been requested to develop and implement an acceptance system for the spent fuel of the Spanish inventory (BWR and PWR types). The main tasks to carry out are divided into five groups:

  • Documentary framework:
    • Review of fuel acceptance criteria and methodologies and preparation of proposals for their improvement.
    • Review of technical documentation (design, licensing and manufacturing) of dry storage and transport systems in use.
    • Preparation of annual reports required for the regulatory body on new regulations and operating experience.
  • Characterization engineering, including the review and verification of documentation related to the characterization of spent fuel and high level and the review of the dry storage system loading plans submitted to ENRESA by the nuclear power plants.
  • Monitoring of waste producers: presence and monitoring at the NPP during key spent fuel management operations such as inspection campaigns and evaluation of inspection methods and spent fuel and HL waste conditioning.
  • Acceptance documentation: development of procedures and other related documentation for the spent fuel and high-level waste acceptance system.
  • Advanced characterization projects, consisting mainly of monitoring and reporting activities on advanced projects applicable to the services provided, particularly those carried out by the European Union, EURATOM, IAEA and NEA-OECD.

IDOM has gathered a multidisciplinary project team, led by a project manager with more than 20 years of experience in the nuclear fuel field as a fuel engineer in a NPP,  and experts in the main disciplines (nuclear calculations, radiological protection, safety and licensing and mechanical and thermal calculations). In addition, fuel acceptance Manager and a high-level waste acceptance manager were involved.

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